We Have Lift Off!

This is just to say that Anna and I have officially started to catalog the Audubon Center’s library collection! We spent two hours there on Saturday in front of laptops, using the Z-retrieval feature to easily find our resources by way of Library of Congress.

While we didn’t get through the entire collection whatsoever, we did make a good first dent. So what now?

  • Schedule next Saturday (all day!) to continue our journey through the collection.
  • Recruit a volunteer to help us in the afternoon with the grunt work of the catalog.
  • Arrange for volunteers to construct a bare-bones inventory of the collection.
  • Figure out if we can do any cataloging efficiently (and accurately) from a remote location.
  • Determine a timeline for the catalog to ensure it’s up and running long before the end of the quarter (potentially mid-month?).

I think we’ll have a pretty good idea of the extra work we’re going to need to put into this project by the end of Saturday.

In the meantime, I’ve also got to email all the vendors about their ILSs and how we won’t be going through them (at least yet). Oh, the staff at the Center decided on using OPALS, which is the open source cloud-based ILS. Here’s the OPAC if you want to track our cataloging progress!

I promise we’ll have pictures of our hard work available for my next library-update-based post. Before that happens, though, I plan on doing another reading reflection.


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