Planning any project has its structures and its chaos. Some of the best ideas come out of a more chaotic approach to planning, to organization, to evolution. When it comes to meeting, Anna and I typically meet in person, on Google+ in a hangout, or via Skype. Or we have a good, old-fashioned telephone call. Each of these meeting spaces can provide amazing structure or amazing lack of structure, but all of them provide some assistance to the project.

We keep numerous Google documents that capture our notes and plans. I personally use a Google calendar synced up to my phone and tablet so that I can keep track of deadlines and events and meetings easily. Most of the time our communication externally (with Nancy or the folks at the Audubon Center) is conducted through email, with the occasional digital meeting or phone call thrown in there for fun.

Keeping track of all the information is a hard process because Anna and I are both idea people. We like to explore new possibilities organically, and are constantly stretching the limitations of our imaginations. This is a good thing, but can lead to a lot of distractions. Fortunately there’s only so much time available for our brainstorming sessions, and our goals are fundamentally keeping us in check. As we get close to the end of the quarter, and as the collection catalog becomes a focus of the past, we’re starting to think of requirements we originally touched on but did not develop fully. We’ll have a meeting (hopefully) next week with Nancy and a separate meeting with the staff, where we’ll begin to think about fulfilling our project and going beyond the project to allow the library to fulfill its mission. Speaking of missions . . . we still need to help craft one!


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