End-of-Quarter Wrap-Up

What a ride! While Anna and I are going to continue to work as volunteers at the Seward Park Audubon Center, we are proud to announce we made it through the academic quarter and thus the official independent study. I think the greatest benefit to come out of the independent study is the passionate relationship we forged with the Center, and the Ann Lennartz Memorial Library as a whole! We will be very happy going back throughout the Spring to continue our efforts to solidify the catalog, enhance the shelves, and do our marketing pushes. We will continue to update this blog as well (or at least I plan to), documenting our achievements and the continued use of the library.

In the meantime, we created some videos! One video, used as the final deliverable for the course (academically) showcases the process we went through to get to where we are today. Another video features interviews Anna and I conducted with each other to reflect on our experiences, and the third video features interviews with Ali and Joey at the Center. Check them out below! Also, stay tuned for a guest blog post on the student SLA website (we returned the favor since they wrote a post for us!)–that will be coming soon! As always, comment on our blog directly with any feedback, questions, or insights!


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