Two Updates on the Seward Park Audubon Center Work

While the Spring academic quarter continues, Anna and I keep up and active with the Audubon Center. While we have new courses to attend and devote time and energy to, each with their own projects, we do stop by every other week or so to maintain the library and slowly increase the library’s functionality.

This week we had the fortune of each being awarded a certificate of appreciation for our efforts, awarded from the Audubon Center itself. We are thankful and inspired by their appreciation!

Secondly, this week the iSchool at UW featured our project on their website. You can read the entire article right here (and see a great photo of Ali, Joey, Anna, and me!).

As we go forward we’re going to try and present on information organization at the Audubon conference in July, and we hope to have a library opening day in May or June. Stay tuned for updates!


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